“A day doesn’t go by where I’m not daydreaming about that next adventure.”

– Joey Rivers

Sometimes that next adventure just doesn’t get here soon enough; so I have to tinker, practice, and dabble with something outdoor related just to get my fix! Here’s where I’ll be posting pics, videos, and short blogs chronicling my passion.

5.31.21 – Practicing fire-craft skills in less than optimal conditions will give you the added confidence needed to get that fire started when it matters most. In this short video we revisit the unheard of Texas snow storm from earlier this year.

“Most people, I would venture to say, can start a fire in optimal conditions…”

6.4.21 – It’s been a bit tough to get outside and do anything this week; the rain just keeps coming. The ground’s so saturated, our creek which is normally dry year round, is running like a river! Not to mention the fact that you sink into the mud just walking around camp. In the mean time, check out this excellent post describing Dave Canterbury’s famous 10 C’s. I never go anywhere remote without these items as a minimum.

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