About Me

Hi! I’m Joey Rivers, the coordinator for SOS ADVENTURES. Let me first thank you for visiting our site, and taking time to learn more about us.

A little about me… I love being in the awe-inspiring beauty of the great outdoors. It’s where I go to be inspired and challenged. My favorite places are usually in the mountains, but you’ll also find me at sea-level, and every place in between. Now I’m not an adventurer in the modern sense, (think GoPro commercial), but I do consider myself at least, an adventure enthusiast. Actually I’m passionate about it! Does that make me a fanatic? Probably!

Let me encourage you to get outside and explore remote and wide open spaces. And if we can help you better prepare for your next outing, please contact us!

Keep chasing that next adventure and remember… “Life’s an adventure so don’t just survive it, live it!”